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For most of us, the accumulation of wealth has been achieved through a combination of hard work, patience and determination and although such wealth does not define us, its existence and availability is a means by which we can plan ahead, enjoy life and help others such as family, friends or worthy causes.

The decision to entrust the safe-keeping and development of wealth is never taken lightly. After all, even if a professional wealth manager has a solid history of guarding and growing his or her client's wealth, the means by which this has been achieved may not sit well with some individuals and may even prompt the use of adjectives like "risky", "foolhardy", "staid" or "pedestrian". The point is that many of us have our own sense of what constitutes a good investment and whether we accept the advice of another or not is as much dependent on the way in which we perceive those giving said investment advice as the investments themselves.

Source One International understands this way of thinking. We are an independent financial planning and wealth management concern boasting a truly enviable record of performance and level of service. We provide a number of invaluable services to high net worth individuals and families that aim to preserve and build upon their wealth.

We aim to help you plot a course through the investment world whilst helping to circumvent its perils. We aim to disseminate the information you need to decide upon key factors using plain language but without diluting the essence of the information.

Your relationship with us will be hallmarked by words like Integrity, trust, empathy, reliability and professionalism.

Our Philosophy

Source One International's philosophy centers on the firm belief that, although the over-riding aim of investment is to realize profit, the raison d'être of wealth is to foster security. After all, the prospect of losing all that has been fought so hard for is understandably unpalatable to most of us.

Our aim at Source One International is to grow your wealth as if it were our own. We do this by empathizing with your attitude to risk and rejecting a haphazard approach to the very serious business of investment and wealth preservation. Your best interests will always be the sole motive behind any recommendation we make and any stock, bond or commodity we purchase.

We uphold the highest standard of ethics both in our relationships with our clients and also in our investment practices. We will never knowingly engage in or commit client funds to investments that currently do or stand to have a harmful effect on people or the communities in which they — and we — live.

Our Team

In addition, Source One International is committed to extending the benefits of wealth beyond the comfortable borders of our daily existence to those less fortunate than ourselves. Those afflicted by the blight of homelessness, illiteracy and poverty will continue to benefit from our sponsorship of worthy causes.

Whilst some of our rivals extol the virtues of the latest technological innovations, cutting edge analysis techniques or the introduction of an all-singing, all-dancing product as primary reasons for their prominence, we at Source One International know that the source of our excellence is, always has and always will be our team of dedicated professionals.

From our trading teams to our administrators, from our analysts to our CEO; all are committed to the continual development of our performance, our service and our systems which in turn add up to an altogether more rewarding way of managing and growing your wealth.

We commit wholeheartedly to the continual development and support of our analysts, strategists, administrators and this is reflected in their efficiency and impact upon our overall performance.

We positively encourage each and every member of our teams to further their education and training safe in the knowledge that this approach engenders loyalty, longevity of service and improvement of the service we deliver to our clients.

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